how do you know your TV is a smart TV or Dumb TV ?

how do i know my TV is not smart TV or a smart TV ? , this question many people ask them self so lets know in this tips all information ,

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1. Smart TV

Smart TV is a technological convergence between computers and flat screen television sets and set-top boxes, A smart TV sometimes referred to as connected TV or hybrid TV also smart TV seem to not a smart TV or normal TV with some difference that are two exceptions
  • Smart TVs can access the internet via WI-Fi
  • there are many apps on it as Netflix , YouTube, Hulu etc...

how i know my tv is a smart tv ?

  • You will find in your  remote control an home button or a Netflix button.
  • look over internet about model of your TV you will find a white label with TV model.
  • smart TVs come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You can get an LCD, Plasma, or even projection TV.
All television models available today offer higher goals than was accessible a couple of years prior. Nowadays there are noteworthy contrasts between mechanically propelled items and midrange ones, however the component of significant worth driving TV costs through the rooftop is currently another: their availability. There are in any case different approaches to turn your TV into smart TV.

android TV box

yes , android TV box is best solution to convert your dump TV into smart android TV , i review before alfawise tv box one of the best and cheapest android TV boxes over the world


The called smart TV are normal TV but with some additional features as apps and internet browsing and streaming , and easily you can make your Dump TV into a SMART TV with sample tips.

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